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Use Cases Of Online Meetings

As a business owner or manager, you have probably heard a lot of buzz about online meetings. If you have dismissed this new technology as a trend, you might be missing out on a way to run your business more efficiently. Since the first online meeting solution, businesses who have embraced this technology are able […]

A Brief History of Online Meetings

From Day 1, the Internet was about communication. Almost from the beginning, the Unix operating system behind the Internet allowed system administrators to message one another via command line with minimal lag time. The first real online meetings as such took place in the late 1970’s when an English student named Roy Trubshaw wrote a […]

Benefits of Online Meetings

There are a number of benefits in conducting an online meeting that have been enjoyed since the early days of meeting software. With advances in technology today we have at our disposal communication software that allows for meetings to take place anytime, anywhere. With the availability of various conference software options, both visual and audio, […]

Online Meeting Software Saves Time

The administrative world develops with communication technology. While on-site meetings are the ideal, time does not always allow for them. Conference calls are handy, but they can lack auditory clarity. Online meetings are becoming more popular, as they offer one tool to attendees that conference calls and on-site meetings do not: text and visual displays. […]