Technology behind Online Meeting Software

More and more businesses are relying on the ability to conference or meet over extended distances. As a result online meeting software, which utilizes Internet connections to converse with people who couldn’t otherwise be at a meeting, has become ubiquitous in companies since its introduction into the business world. This is especially useful for corporations with offices all around the world. Online meeting software makes it possible to present visual displays to people all over the world, in real-time. The possibilities for this technology are endless.

What is the technology behind online meeting software?

The basic technologies required to put online meeting software together are VoIP (voice over IP) to transmit sound and streaming video (to transmit visuals). These, along with a high-speed Internet connection, are the only essential pieces of technology for online meeting software. However, there are many other possibilities, depending on your software criteria and how fancy you want your software to be.

Most programs come with a chat function, which allows users to communicate through writing as well as through voice. This can be useful to facilitate consensus and develop arguments or additions with other members in an online meeting while a presenter is talking, so as not to disrupt the conference.

Often there are times when online meetings are part of a broader slide show. Some of the better programs for meeting online contain a screen sharing presentation feature that allows you to share slides directly from your computer while you’re talking. Technology to display multiple windows of live streaming content is essential for this – in other words, you need a good computer.

Many programs also contain what’s known as “Whiteboard” technology. This effectively works like a combination between a chat room and a shared document – you can put together a business plan in real time, with multiple people writing their thoughts or brainstorming onto a shared blank document.

Finally to expand meeting software benefits further, the best technology out there involves sharing your workspace with people hundreds or thousands of miles away. This requires a comprehensive piece of desktop sharing software that determines what programs are shared between the members in the online meeting. If, throughout the course of the meeting, you need to show how a computer product works or how to do something specific on the computer, this technology can be priceless. This is like the aforementioned “Whiteboard” technology, except entire programs and processes are shared, not just documents – a valuable meeting feature that opens the door to a greater range of use cases for companies.

What do you need for your online meeting to work?

You need a desktop sharing program, microphone, a webcam, and a computer connected to the Internet in order to meet online. If the meeting is between multiple groups of people, it can be useful to have a large monitor, so everyone doesn’t have to crowd around a single monitor or camera. Multiple monitors may be necessary, depending on how many different places the meeting includes.

Oftentimes, online meeting software is predicated on both parties having similar or the same desktop sharing software. Depending on the nature of your online meeting, you could just be making a presentation to a larger group, or you could need more possibilities for interaction. A chat program can also be useful for private interactions within a meeting.

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